Immigration Lawyer in Toronto Can Help With Revoke of Status

A huge number of immigrants from all over the world are immigrating to Canada for better future prospective or better living conditions. Canada is one such country that allows immigrants open heartedly. However, the government of Canada has the absolute right to revoke Canadian citizenship of the immigrants as well as of the Canadian citizens. Studies have shown that the government of Canada has the sole right to deny entry to immigrants on various grounds like if they have a criminal record. So if you are facing a revocation status you can take the help of an immigration lawyer in Toronto for fighting your case.

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Canadian citizenship can be obtained automatically by being born in Canada. However, immigrants can gain citizenship after living in Canada for a specific period of time.

Still, revocation of Canadian citizenship is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly; as it can have a huge impact on one’s life and career. Whenever a person loses their citizenship, their permanent residency permit can also be removed. If you or your family members are facing a revocation, you must take the help of immigration lawyer in Toronto.

When Canadian Government Can Take Canadian Citizenship Away?

In case Citizenship and Immigration Canada believes that an immigrant has obtained the citizenship through fraud or by presenting false documents, they have the right to take citizenship away. Even if an applicant hides their criminal record, they can be revoked at any point of time.

Ways in Which Lawyers Helps

Appealing in Federal Court

Immigration lawyer in Toronto can help clients in appealing in the Federal Court against the revocation order. They will try to ensure that you are receiving a free trial and you are not wrongly revoked. In fact, the lawyer will try to ensure that you don’t lose your permanent residency for slight errors in the citizenship application. They will try to prove that your application as a permanent residence is correct so you should be allowed a chance and not deported.

Gather Evidence in order To Support Your Claimimmigration lawyer toronto

Regardless on the grounds on which you were revoked, immigrants have an opportunity to reclaim their permanent residency and citizenship. Well, for this an immigration lawyer in Toronto can help you out. They will gather evidences and will help their client to demonstrate that:

  • He abided by the Canadian law.
  • They may face hardship if they are deported to their home country.
  • The person may have dependants who might suffer if the immigrant is deported to their home country.

Filing Applications

Whenever a person is found to have criminal records his/her citizenship can be revoked. Immigration lawyers can help clients in filing applications that would allow them to gain back their citizenship under humanitarian grounds. For example, under the humanitarian ground, foreign nationals with the help of an immigration lawyer in Toronto can appeal in tribunal court for restoring their permanent resident status.

Hence, if you or your family member is facing a revocation order, you can take the help of an immigration lawyer for fighting your case. They can help you to get your citizenship restored. For more info, read this immigration info.


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