Child Sponsorship – Is It Ethical or Not?

Child sponsorship is a huge matter of discussion throughout the world where the rich countries are responsible to transfer a certain amount to poor children of the world for their fruitful upbringing. According to the University of San Francisco, six countries have been considered under this scheme and those are- Bolivia, India, Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda, and the Philippines.

The University runs a study and interview over 10000 adults about the children who are sponsored to know their condition than those who are not sponsored. 

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What Was the Result?

After the study, it showed that children, who are sponsored by rich people of richer countries, attend schools more than those who are not sponsored. Not only that, but they also get white-collar jobs in the future and also be the leaders of several communities and churches.

The result, found in Uganda, is shocking. In that country, the impact on education is striking. As per research, 42% of children finish secondary education than those who are not part of the program. 83% of the sponsored kids can complete the University.

The example of Peace Ruhaiza is one to check out. She was one of the 14 sponsored children in Uganda. As a child, she used to work as domestic help. When she was nine, she joined the Compassion Programme and a Canadian Family-sponsored her. Presently, she lives in the UK and runs a charity foundation for poor kids in her own country.

As per Peace, one can build up the future of a child by sponsoring a child so that he or she grows up into a successful person.

But, other critics are against this child sponsorship as they describe it discriminatory and unfair. According to them, this system helps one kid from the community and the others get deprived.

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What Are the Psychological Benefits?

child sponsorship canadaThe chief executive of World Vision, Justin Byworth, is really difficult to make a difference between compassion and proselytizing. As per several studies, it has been proved that children who are sponsored, can grow with a strong sense of self-esteem. They aspire to be prominent in life and that they can get from schooling, education, and financial help. It is important to build confidence in children and also build hope for children in the future. The model of children sponsorship improves the future of the children who can grow up into strong persons to take the same responsibility upon their shoulders and also serve their community.

There are lots of sponsorship programs where no discrimination is done and Compassion is one of those. They aim to make proper research and then run the program successfully.

Children’s sponsorship is not unethical and it is for the betterment of the world. When children study, they learn more about the world and also get the best jobs in the respective sector. They become confident and their self-esteem is high enough to establish themselves in society. Consulting child sponsorship Canada can give an in-depth view on this matter.

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