Some of the Creepiest Discoveries by Private Investigators On-Site

As private investigators are hired to uncover people’s dirt, it isn’t surprising that they carry some war stories. Cases which start out as an infidelity investigation might escalate into a dramatic movie plot.

Private investigator Toronto can enumerate several creepy, bizarre, and fascinating stories.  Here are some bizarre stories from private investigators while they were on the job.

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Cigar is Not Simply Cigar

While a couple was divorcing, the wife was pretty sure that the husband was sticking some random items up his ass from her collection. It turned out that he actually was.

A Woman who Was Miraculously Healed by God or Just Another Liar

A private investigator Toronto had been hired to follow a woman who claims that she was absolutely blind. This investigation was for the insurance money. When the investigator followed her around he found out that she is driving from store to store in a church van.

X-Files Meets a Private Investigator

Once a private investigator was investigating a case that involved a woman who had been convinced that the condo maintenance man was going to her home when she was absent from her house and moving things around. She had purchased the condo from him.  The Private investigator Toronto met to discuss the case and the woman appeared rational. The guy will surely be familiar with the condo layout and will access.

The private investigator suggested putting up a hidden camera with a motion detector.  She was supposed to call the investigator if anything took place that will make her think that he had been there. After some days, she calls.  The investigator goes to check the tape.  There is nothing on the tape, just her. He tells her that and she says that he must have had a machine which makes him invisible and calls him a space alien.  The investigator decided that she needed some psychological help.

The Meta Case of All

An investigator is hired to follow another private investigator. It ultimately turns out that he had been hired to follow him back.

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When the Truth is Darker than Necessary

A woman had asked a Private investigator Toronto to find out if her husband had been cheating on her. She said that there is something off in her house and she is feeling something. She wanted to find out what it was which made her suspect that her husband was cheating.  So, the investigator installs a camera in the house for the weekend on her approval. After three days, he collected the footage and find out that her husband had been touching his eight year old step daughter.

Boss is Always Listening

A private investigator Toronto, while in one of the top law firms of Houston came across a creepy case. He had an electronics background so he would usually take up jobs that were related to checking for hidden surveillance devices and bugs.  The law firm got a call from the client who had been sure that the office had been bugged since his clients knew about everything he was doing before this.  His office had been mobile trailers which were on the client’s site. He had been a subcontractor for the oilfield construction company.